martedì, giugno 12, 2012

2 Broke Girls: 1x09

-When a tv-series describes exactly your situation:

"I came here because I had to tell you something. I think that you and me have something special and I don't wanna lose that. So I came here down to ask.. even though it didn't work out, can we still be friends? [..] So we're cool?"
"Yeah, we're cool. Why wouldn't we be? We've never dated or anything like that. Of course we're friends"

"So what? is she still your girlfriend?"
"Max, it's complicated"
"What are we, Facebook?"
"It is complicated. Cash and I have been together two years--"
"TWO YEARS?! Gosh, I'm a home-wrecker! This is over! Me and you.. this will never happen again. I lied, I can't be your friend."

"You need to get over him"
"I really liked him."

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