martedì, giugno 05, 2012

I'm boring/bored

I know you will probably think "man, this is saddest and most boring blog of all time".
Yeah, sorry about that. My life isn't full of exciting events, it's pretty normal, and the only things that are crossing my mind in this period are only two: the high-school finals and.. him.
I'm freaking out, I miss M. so much, but I can't write to him. It's his duty and if he did, he better be ready to be something more than just friends.
Is wanting an happy ending at any cost selfish? Am I pushing him?
I haven't got any answers: all I know is that I daydream every day about him waiting outside school the night of my last prom, carrying a red rose and telling me that I'm beautiful with that dress and I'm the only one for him.....
.... I could be a great director, if only this were a movie.

Now he follows me on Instagram. It's incredible: the only interaction we have is on Internet.

Stupid heart; why him?!

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