domenica, giugno 03, 2012


It's already June and I'm preparing for one of the most important challenges in my life: the high school finals. This is incredibly scary, since it's the ending of a beautiful, difficult, shaping journey.

And I was thinking about it last Saturday night, while I was in the car with two classmates/friends of mine. A song came on the radio, and we recognized immediately: Antonello Venditti's "Notte Prima Degli Esami" (you can traslate it as 'The Night Before Finals'; yep, I'm Italian).
We started singing and got all emotional, 'cause those lyrics were so familiar and meaningful to us, telling the story and the life we've shared for these past five years and making all the memories alive (our school trips, our laughs, our fights, etc.).
But after the emotion came the fear: that song was reminding us that we were about to graduate, that finals were so close, and that "Math would never be my job".
And so we imagined how that magical last night would be: "a night of tears and prayers", spent with "all the friends around that make you wanna sing", a night full of beers and unforgettable sunsets, a night that "is still ours".

So I don't know what my grade will be, but  it doesn't really matter if the journey that have brought me to that was so good.

"Life is a climb, but the view is great".

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