domenica, giugno 03, 2012

And Now?

Hello folks.
I told you about my heoric action of declaring my love to that guy, yesterday.
After that talk, he kept writing me and telling me sentences like "I don't want you to feel hurt, I just want you to be happy", and so on. I was so sad that I didn't have the courage to open books and study (and neither do I now) and I was convinced that I would have spent my Saturday night watching the white ceiling of my bedroom.
Fortunately, some friends of mine invited me to go out with them and I had fun, but my mind was still stuck on him. So, I talked with a really good friend, Luca, and he suggested that I should give him an ultimatum: me or her. 'Cause he was right: I can't talk to him and just be friends and M. is probably afraid of launching into a new relationship, 'cause, when we were talking about him breaking up with her, he didn't answer "I can't, 'cause I love her", but "We've been together for 4 years...".
My idea was: "or we're something more than just friends, or we're nothing for now. So, don't write me if you want to keep me as a friend 'cause that would hurt me more than other things".
Geez, I really like him and I really want to make him happy, to be the person who stands by him, who supports him in anything he does...
... Well, he hasn't answered to me yet. I know it's not an easy issue and that it takes time, but I miss him so badly and I just want things to be all right for once in my life.

Maybe it's time to go and study. MAYBE.

Who will be the one to listen when it's time to listen?
Who will be the one to miss you 
when you've gone missing?
Well, I do.


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