lunedì, giugno 04, 2012

Of endless tiredness and overwhelming aching

It's Monday: an ordinary start of the week, you would say, but it's not to me.
It's the start of my last week as a high-school student. Weird, uh?
It seems like yesterday when I entered the school for the first time and now I'm about to leave it.
I'm trying not to think about it, 'cause I know myself: I would start get emotional and cry, and I just don't want to.
Although it's my last week, I still have some tests: the problem is that I'm really tired (I have slept only two hours tonight because I had to study!) and yes, you know, I feel someone's aching.
The mysterious M.
He hasn't written to me, but he's liked some elements on Facebook, like a sort of declaration of love I've written as status (and yes, I was thinking about him when I posted it). What do I have to think about that? That he misses me? That he's realizing that he has feelings for me? I will never understand him. And I've been told that females are complicated! Bullshit.

My remedy for all this pressure is always one thing: music.
Fortunately, I re-discovered Tyler Ward (you should check him on Youtube) and I'm regretting that I didn't buy the tickets for his show when he came in Italy this year.
Are you coming back, Tyler, aren't you?

With this hope in my heart, I say goodnight to you.
Let love in, folks!

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